Publishing to an LMS

LTI / SCORM / xAPI (aka Experience API, aka Tin Can).

There are several methods to publish your interactive videos in your LMS: 

  1. Follow the standard Sharing and Embedding workflow.
  2. SCORM - SCORM remains the defacto standard for learning content. Users can download any HapYak project as a SCORM package. Simply click Share, then SCORM, and finally click Generate. Users can toggle between SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 (latest), and click Download

What about xAPI?

xAPI / Experience API / Tin Can is not currently supported by HapYak. Send us an email at Brightcove Support if this is a necessity for your interactive video projects and we can advise on options. Our customers have repeatedly asked us about this and the trend is clear, xAPI and Learning Record Stores (LRS) are on the rise as the preferred, flexible infrastructure for learning content, but this is an area where we've decided to not be on the "bleeding" edge. Our innovation is Interactive Video. Our goal for integrations is to reach the widest possible audience.