LTI Lessons - Creating a Branching Video

Creating a branching or "choose your own adventure" video in a lesson created via the Brightcove Interactivity LTI integration.

Branching video overview

Branching or "choose your own adventure" is a popular type of interactive video. In a nutshell, it brings a viewer to different parts of a video, or new video entirely, based on how they interact with it. You can read more on the basics of branching here.

If you created a lesson using the Brightcove Interactivity LTI integration you can do branching in two ways.

In-video branching

You do In-video branching just as you would in a single project. For information, see Creating an In-Video Branching Project.

Video to video branching

You can branch from video to video by following this technique.

  1. Create a lesson.
  2. Create a second lesson (the next video where you'd like the viewer to branch to).
  3. View the second lesson as a student. Copy the URL of that lesson.
  4. Go back to the first lesson. Add an annotation (text, hotspot or image) that the viewer would click to branch to the next video.
  5. In Link (ON CLICK EVENT) / Load external URL:, paste the URL to the second lesson.
  6. Click Submit and then Done.
  7. Test by viewing this first lesson as a student. Clicking on the annotation should load the second lesson.