Experiences Overview

In this topic you will learn about Brightcove Interactivity experiences and about the different types of experiences.

An Experience is a video with other elements (like synced slides or an e-commerce cart) outside the video player that dynamically interact with video player.

Experiences allow you to dynamically communicate between a video and the web page itself, opening the door to a new generation of lean-forward interactive realities for your viewers.

Experience types

Video Landing Page

A Video Landing Page experience is a great way to create a playlist of videos, set up a dedicated landing page link, and quickly add branding to the header and footers to the landing page. 

There are two types of Video Landing Pages:

  • Single Video Landing Page - Hide the other videos from the user's view, forcing the user to navigate only via the branching/CYOA annotations
  • Playlist Landing Page - Show all videos included in the experience at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to quickly jump from video to video at will

Slide Sync

Slide Sync is a powerful interactive video experience allowing users to present related slide decks or presentation imagery while the video plays. For information on creating a Slide Sync Experience, see Creating a Slide Sync Experience.


Branching experiences allow you to create "choose your own adventure" (CYOA) experiences for your viewers. To learn more about Branching experiences, see Branching Overview.


  • Experiences use a HapYak Player with native controls as the embed type. This is so multi-video experiences have a standard look and feel.
  • Viewer interaction on the standard annotations is included in Reports as normal.