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    Google Analytics Integration Module

    In this topic you will learn how to send Brightcove Interactivity interaction and engagement events into Google Analytics.

    The Google Analytics Integration Module captures core user interactions and records them as Behavioral Events in Google Analytics. The recorded interaction data will enable you to generate reports in Google Analytics for Click Through Rate, Navigation Rate, and Response Rate. This is a great way to send this rich new stream of viewer intelligence into a system you already use to track the effectiveness of your marketing and digital initiatives.

    For more information about Google Analytics event tracking, see the Google documentation. For more information about Brightcove Interactivity analytics events, see Brightcove Interactivity Video Tracking Events.


    • You need a Google Analytics account
    • You need a Brightcove Interactivity commercial license


    1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and write down your Account Id.
    2. Log in to Brightcove Interactivity and go to the Integrations screen.
    3. On the Google Analytics card, enable Google Analytics and enter in your Google Analytics Account Id and click Connect

    What data is collected?

    Brightcove Interactivity passes the following interactions to Google Analytics for tracking:

    Play Recorded once when the video first plays
    Link Recorded every time a link in the video is clicked
    Navigation Recorded every time a Chapter, or Jump-to-time link in the video is clicked
    Quiz Recorded every time a quiz answer is submitted

    Technical Implementation

    Google Event Tracking allows tracking of four attributes for an event, shown in the table below.

    Attribute What Brightcove Interactivity Send
    Category Project Title and ID e.g. "My Interactive Video Intro (001234)"
    Action Play | Link | Navigation | Quiz

    Link-Info | Navigation-Info | Quiz-Info
    Label For Action=Link-Info the Label will be set to the URL of the link

    For Action=Navigation-Info the Label will be set to the title of the Chapter

    For Action=Quiz-Info the Label will be set to the Question text and include a Correct or Incorrect indicator. For example, "What is 2+4 (Correct)"
    Value Not used

    How to create reports

    Where does the data show up in Google Analytics?

    Events can be accessed inside of the Google Analytics tools from the left-side menu BEHAVIOR > EVENTS.

    What reports can I create with the data?

    You will be able to create reports that calculate what percentage of play session performed the desired action: clicking a link, navigating within the video, or submitting a response to an in-video form.

    The three core interaction reports are:

    • Click Through Rate
    • Navigation Rate
    • Response Rate

    To calculate interaction rates session-based numbers must be used. In Google Analytics these will be labeled as Unique Events. Google defines Unique Events as "A count of the number of times an event with the category/action/label value was seen at least once within a session."

    Step by step instructions

    1. In Google Analytics, access go to the Behavior > Events > Top Events screen
    2. Ensure "Event Category" is selected as the Primary Dimension for the data table
    3. Use the data table search box and enter the name of the Brightcove Interactivity Project Name
    4. Click the row in the data table matching the Project Name
      • A new data table will load showing the actions for the given video
    5. Find the row with the Action "Play" and note the number in the Unique Events column (UE-Play).
      • This is the denominator for rate calculations.
    6. Find the row with the Action corresponding to the metric you wish to measure (Link, Navigation,Quiz) and note the number in the Unique Events column (UE-Link, UE-Navigation, UE-Quiz).
      • This is the numerator for rate calculations.
    7. Perform the proper calculation for the report you wish to generate.

    Interaction rate formulae

    Click Through Rate UE-Link / UE-Play * 100
    Navigation Rate UE-Navigation / UE-Play * 100
    Response Rate UE-Quiz / UE-Play * 100

    What detailed data is available?

    In addition to the interactions, additional details about exactly what was clicked is included as part of the "-Info" events.

    Link / URLs

    Events with the Action Link-Info will also have Label set to the clicked URL

    Navigation / Chapters

    Events with the Action Navigation-Info will also have Label set to the clicked Chapter

    Response / Questions

    Events with the Action Quiz-Info will also have Label set to the answered Question as well as an indicator for whether or not the answer was Correct or Incorrect.

    For example, "What is 2+4 (Correct)"

    User tracking

    If you utilize Brightcove Interactivity user-level tracking that information will carry through to Google Analytics as "Custom Variables" associated with the recorded Events.

    Brightcove Interactivity records the "User ID" in custom variable slot 4 and "Username" in slot 5, if those values are present.

    This information can be included in reports and data exports from Google Analytics. For more information please consult the Google documentation.

    Page last updated on 20 Sep 2022