Brightcove Campaign - Brightcove Interactivity Integration Module

Send Brightcove Interactivity viewer-level and project-level interaction and engagement data to Brightcove Campaign.

The Brightcove Campaign Integration Module captures core user interactions and records them as custom actions in Brightcove Campaign. The recorded interaction data will enable you to generate reports for Click Through Rate, Navigation Rate, and Response Rate.

More details about Brightcove Campaign can be found here.

More details about Brightcove Interactivity analytics events can be found here.


  • A Brightcove account with the Campaign module configured
  • A Brightcove Interactivity Enterprise license


In Video Cloud Studio, configure a player with the Campaign plugin and the Brightcove Interactivity plugin as per the instructions. Set the customTracking setting of the Brightcove Interactivity plugin to"

What data is collected?

Brightcove Interactivity passes the following interactions to Brightcove Campaign for tracking:

Link Recorded every time a link in the video is clicked
Navigation Recorded every time a Chapter, or Jump-to-time link in the video is clicked
Chapters Recorded every time a Chapter marker is viewed (no interaction required)
Answer Recorded every time a question answer is submitted

Technical Implementation

Brightcove Campaign allows tracking of custom properties for metrics (numbers) named: metric1, metric2 and metric3 as well as custom properties for Events(strings) named: event1, event2 and event3.

Brightcove Interactivity data is recorded in the custom properties as per the table below.

Property What Brightcove Interactivity Sends
metric1 Total number of Links clicked during the play session
metric2 Total number of Chapters clicked during the play session
metric3 Total number of Questions answered during the play session
event2 The names of the Chapters clicked (or viewed) during the play session, as comma separated values
event3 The text of the Questions answered during the play session, as comma separated values

How to create reports

Where does the data show up in Brightcove Campaign?

Data can be accessed in Video Cloud Studio by opening the Campaign module and then by clicking Export Campign Data in the left navigation.

Choose to export the data in CSV or Excel format. You will then be able to generate interaction reports by analyzing the data locally in a spreadsheet.

What reports can I create with the data?

You will be able to create reports that calculate what percentage of play session performed the desired action: clicking a link, navigating within the video, or submitting a response to an in-video question. The three core interaction reports are:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Navigation Rate
  • Response Rate

Interaction rate formulae

Click Through Rate Link / Play * 100
Navigation Rate Navigation / Play * 100
Response Rate Answer / Play * 100