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Analytics and Reports Overview

In this topic you will learn about the reports and analytics that are available in Brightcove Interactivity.

Brightcove Interactivity offers a variety of reports to provide users insight into how their video(s) are performing. This article will outline the functionality each report offers and the data it exposes.

You can access reports these reports via the rail on the left side of the Brightcove Interactivity studio.

Start by using the date control to select a date range for the report.

Click the download button to download the report data.


This Heartbeat Report tells you who has been watching your on demand videos over the last few minutes. The Heartbeat report displays real-time data from the last 7 days (updating every 10 seconds). All of the data in the report can be found in the User Activity Stream report for on-demand downloading.

The report includes the following information:

  • Action
    • - Play - The viewer played the video
    • - Play End - The viewer completed the video
    • - The viewer interacted with the video
  • Interaction rate - Plays with interaction / plays. Track this closely. You want to get to as close to 100% as possible.
  • Plays - The total number of video plays. A play is counted if a viewer clicks play or if the videos auto plays. If a viewer re-watches a video in a given session, that counts as one play.
  • Plays with interaction - The total number of plays where a viewer clicked at least one interaction.
  • People - The total number of individual viewers who watched a video, aka users.

Core Reports

These are the standard performance reports. They provide summary information about the play rate and interaction rate of each video. Summary reports provide general metrics for a given resource (project, experience, user), while an activity stream report provides more contextual metrics to understand how a resource performed in a given session.

Some reports provide an Advanced option which can be used to filter the data based upon project ID and/or experience ID.

The following reports are available:

  • Chapter Summary - Displays the aggregate usage of each chapter annotation, inclusive of both active usage (clicking on a chapter via the menu) and passive usage (chapter annotation starts during playback)
  • Experience Summary - Displays play rate, interaction rate activity time and audience for each experience
  • Experience Stream - Displays detailed interaction data for each experience
  • Poll Widget Detail - Displays individual poll response breakout by user per individual response
  • Poll Widget Summary - Displays aggregate information around poll responses; each possible answer is given its own row in the report with cumulative response data
  • Project Summary - Displays the aggregate performance of a project across all user actions; provides insights to overall play & interaction rates, cumulative usage of kinds of interactivity, and audience engagement
  • Project Activity Stream - Displays an event-by-event rundown of each action a viewer takes
  • Signin Widget Detail - Displays all of the signins captured using the Sign In widget
  • Signin Widget Summary - Displays the number of signins using the Sign In widget
  • User Summary - Displays the aggregate behavior of each user across all projects they viewed; cumulative figures on amount of video watched, number of times each kind of annotation used, sessions, plays, etc.
  • User Activity Stream - Displays an event-by-event rundown of each action a user takes on each video which viewers are most engaged
  • User Sentiment Summary - Displays the aggregated response rates for the user sentiment widget; written only with binary choice option (thumbs up/down) in

Custom Reports

These are customer-specific reports that usually contain additional fields based on the customer’s unique video metadata. Contact Brightcove Support for information about how to setup custom reports.

Question Report

This report is a specialty visualization for multiple-choice questions asked via the Quiz annotation. It collects all responses from all users for each quiz question on a project and is broken down by project, with a detail page for each project going into each quiz response.

Each row in the report is clickable, allowing users to drill-down for more in depth information about how their viewers performed for each question.


This report is a specialty visualization for questions asked using the Quiz annotation. It displays a user-focused breakdown of quiz results. It has a summary page showing each user, leading into a detail page which shows each project, quiz, and answer a user gave across all projects interacted with. The summary page is filterable by project (or all projects).

Like the question report, each row is clickable, allowing for further insight into each users responses.