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    Managing Sub-Groups

    In this topic you will learn how to manage sub-groups.

    A sub-group is another instance of a Brightcove Interactivity account. Sub-groups will contain separate content, users and API keys from your other Brightcove Interactivity accounts.

    To access the Sub-Groups page:

    1. Login to Brightcove Interactivity.
    2. In the primary navigation, click Admin and then MANAGE SUB-GROUPS.

    The Manage Sub-Groups dialog will display a list of all the sub-groups created under your current group:

    Creating new sub-groups

    To create a new sub-group:

    1. Click Create Sub-Group.
    2. Enter a NAME for the sub-group.
    3. Click CREATE.

    Removing sub-groups

    To remove a sub-group, please contact Brightcove Support.

    Page last updated on 21 Sep 2022