Managing Group Members

In this topic you will learn how to manage users in a Brightcove Interactivity group.

You can invite colleagues and collaborators to your Brightcove Interactivity group. These users are called Group Members and they will have access to all of the projects, templates, experiences and and reports in the group.

To access the Group Members page:

  1. Login to Brightcove Interactivity.
  2. In the primary navigation, click Admin and then MANAGE MEMBERS.

The Manage Users dialog will display:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role
  • Date Added

Adding new group members

To add a new group member:

  1. In the Invites section, enter the email address of the user.
  2. Assign a Role to the user:
    • Admin - Access to all functionality, including configuring styles and add-ons for projects, viewing reports, creating sub-groups, and inviting new users
    • Editor - Can create, edit, and share projects and can view and download reports; Cannot view or adjust group level settings
    • Reporter - Can only view and download reports
  3. Click Invite.

The user will receive an email message stating that they have been invited to join the group. The recipient should click on the link and then follow the instructions to complete the process. If the email added is already associated with a group member record in another group, the user will automatically be added to the list of members and will see the group added to their group selector (at the top of the page) the next time they refresh the page.

Removing group members

To remove a group member, click the delete icon (x) associated with the group member you would like to remove.

Changing a group member's role

To change a group member's role, select a new role using the Role dropdown list.