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    Automatically Pause the Video or Jump to a Time in the Video (aka Skip-to-Time)

    Use the On-Time Annotation to automatically pause the video or jump to a time (without a viewer click).

    The on-time annotation will automatically perform an action when a viewer reaches a point in the video without the need for a click from the viewer.

    Add an on-time annotation by clicking the stopwatch icon.

    Add the event you would like to fire when the viewer reaches that point in the video. Some of the most common events are...

    Pause the Video

    Insert player.pause() in the JavaScript field.

    Play the Video

    Insert in the JavaScript field.

    Jump to a Time in the Video

    In the "Jump to video time" field, select the chapter you'd like to jump to, or enter a Custom time.

    Page last updated on 18 Nov 2021